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Thank you for considering Lice B Gone, the #1 pesticide-free lice treatment in the world.

Lice B Gone is a safe, effective, clinically proven and economical enzyme-based treatment for head lice and nits. Only one application is normally needed per treatment and it is simple to use: spray onto dry hair until completely saturated, leave onfor at least 30 minutes, comb out the lice and nits and rinse. It's that easy! Lice B Gone is also effective on body lice, crab lice and

The information contained here further explains the benefits of using Lice B Gone. It discusses the potential dangers of the pesticides used in other products, the resistance lice have developed to them and other enlightening facts. Lice B Gone is very inexpensive and it is the treatment recommended by doctors, school nurses, teachers, parents, nursing homes, prisons, detention centers as well as orphanages, homeless shelters, free clinics, women's crisis centers and national charitable organizations. Lice B Gone is covered by Medicaid in some states and because it does not contain pesticides, it is safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children and people with asthma. It can be used as often as needed and even be used as a preventative.

Safe Effective Alternatives, Inc. was chosen to be the name of our company because that is precisely what we do: offer you safe and effective alternatives to potentially harmful products. We strongly encourage you to review this information. After doing so, we feel you will agree that it makes absolutely no sense to douse someone with pesticides to get rid of lice or scabies when there is a safe, effective, convenient and economical product like Lice B Gone.

Again, thanks for considering Lice B Gone and as always, I personally welcome your thoughts and comments.


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